BluTaper Advanced Taping & Caulking Tool

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Helps you get great painting and caulking results with no more mess or headaches

The patented tool makes taping easy, quick and accurate. It tapes and cuts wall-to-wall, both directions, right- or left-handed. BluTaper's patented flipping and cutting feature delivers precise lines that are a cut above the rest. Included caulking plate and stick help you to make perfect caulk beads and paint perfect edges over them.

Product Includes: BluTaper tool w/belt clip, ¼” caulking plate & caulking stick 

  • Accurately lays tape flat and straight, wall-to-wall in both directions with no gap
  • Splits inside corners allowing you to paint adjacent walls two different colors
  • Cuts the tape the right length with the hit of a button
  • Helps make perfect caulk beads 
  • Lets you paint straight edges over caulk beads
  • Right or left-handed use
  • Belt clip for product stowage when not in use
  • Flat edge of the caulking stick assists with tape removal

For use with most 24mm/.94” painter’s tape; Pro Tip: Avoid tape that has a cardboard core sticking out the side