Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I need help?

Our customer service team is happy to help with any questions you have. We can be reached by  email at, 

Please also visit us on Facebook @blutapertools and YouTube @BluTaper to learn more!

What is it?

If you’re taping for painting or caulking, BluTaper is your best friend. The main components are: 1. The tape dispenser (we often refer to it as the "tool"), which you use by itself if you want to tape for painting, 2. The caulking plate, which you attach to the tool when taping for caulking (this is the only time you use the plate) and 3. The caulking stick, which helps form perfect caulk beads (rounded edge) or can be used to lift/remove tape (flat edge).

What does BluTaper do?

  1. If you are taping off for painting, BluTaper tapes right or left-handed both directions. It leaves no gap. And most importantly, it cuts the tape the right length both directions.
  2. BluTaper makes perfect caulk beads. It will make ¼” beads that are uniform and neat with no mess or headaches.
  3. It splits corners so you can paint adjacent walls different colors.
  4. It lets you paint over caulk beads, leaving a straight paint edge; if you’re painting down towards a corner that will be caulked, you can now paint over the bead and leave a straight paint edge.
  5. No more headaches! Taping is a pain. Everyone agrees. But now BluTaper makes taping off for paint and forming caulk beads fast, easy, accurate and headache free.

What kind of tape does it work with?

Blutaper works with painter’s tape that has a 3-inch core (diameter) and is 24mm wide. That’s .94 inches. For best results, we recommend using tape that doesn't have any cardboard core sticking out of the sides.